• Our duty is to provide environmental measurement services required by organizations, ensuring compliance with the conditions prescribed by relevant methods.
  • We adhere to the principles of impartiality and confidentiality.
  • Within the framework of the management system established under TS EN ISO/IEC 17025, we aim to provide competent services to meet the needs of customers and recognized legal authorities or organizations by complying with the requirements of this standard.
  • Quality, in our view, is the most crucial tool for doing the right thing at the right time while fulfilling our responsibilities.
  • We ensure that all laboratory personnel learn quality documents and conduct their experimental work according to the written policies, procedures, and principles outlined in these documents.
  • We maintain continuity in our relationships with suppliers through systematic evaluation in our work.
  • We support our staff’s continuous education to help them keep pace with technological advancements.
  • To ensure the effective implementation of corrective and preventive activities, we conduct regular internal audits and review processes, continually improving service quality by evaluating customer demands.
  • We provide services while avoiding any activities that may negatively affect the quality system, such as internal and external commercial, financial, or other pressures, and activities that may undermine the adequacy, impartiality, and trustworthiness of the laboratory.