The Center for Environmental Applications and Research (CEVMER) was established at Hasan Kalyoncu University with the support of the Silk Road Development Agency.

The purpose of establishing the Regional Analysis Laboratory is to contribute to ‘Sustainable Environmental Management.’

The center aims to:

  • Assist in technology development/transfer,
  • Meet the accredited laboratory needs of the region,
  • Foster university-industry collaboration and provide a platform for university researchers to conduct R&D activities,
  • Facilitate the analysis of waste from industrial establishments, local governments, and agricultural activities in the region,
  • Contribute to the efficiency and cost savings of industry and local governments by performing necessary analyses on-site and in a timely manner,
  • Revitalize environmental awareness in regional industries and contribute to the use of environmentally friendly production technologies.

CEVMER aims to assist researchers working in public institutions and industry, as well as scientific research conducted by both our university and other university researchers, using national and international methods and modern analysis equipment.